Welcome to my site

I’m so glad you stopped by.  Here you can find my blog and leave a comment, buy my books, learn about current projects that I’m involved in (I have a secret plan to subvert the dominant paradigm and bring world peace), schedule a reading or an appearance or a conversation.

Today’s world has been described as an ‘information overload’ situation.  We make choices hundreds of times a day about what to pay attention to and many of those choices are subconscious, programmed by subliminal forces.  The power of the individual to express their own unique heartfelt expression is minimized and the power of big media to influence us is enhanced by the culture we live in.  We should change this.  Here is my attempt.

– Rohn Bayes

poem picture

Image and word are married in this collection of 39 poems accompanied by photographs. As in classical Chinese painting where a poem is often included in the frame, the visual image and the written words work together to evoke their separate but complimentary meanings. Kinda like a facebook post which is where alot of these came from. If you’d like the author to sign your book, please indicate that with your order. Free priority shipping included.


what i want to say to you

In this collection of poems, written in ‘ecstatic freestyle’, Rohn Bayes distills and shares the inner workings of his mind. Influences as disparate as Kabir, Rumi, Whitman and hip hop are evident throughout. From meditations on war to transcendent epiphanies on mosquitos to bike rides to Christmas stories, his unique style is refreshingly simple and accessible. If you’d like the author to personally sign your book, please indicate that with your order. Free priority shipping included.


stones tones and audible levers

. . . part travel book, part journal entries, part micro-fiction, some illustrated, some typographed – these poems are confident enough to stand up in a rainstorm and cool enough to hang out by the river Ganges. Oh my gosh, the segues – takes my breath away. Free priority shipping included.