I’m writing a book!

Oh you already knew that?  Bet you don’t know what it’s about.  So let me tell you what it’s about.  It’s got 8 chapters or essays all about different subjects and there’s an accompanying narrative that’s continuous throughout the book that connects them together.  It’s called ‘The Ancient Book of Magic Secrets’ because it talks about the ancient magic secrets of our tribe – how we learned to talk and what we’ve been talking about, how nature communicates thru the language of symbiosis, about the biosphere of our body and the biosphere of the world we live in, money, the city, different magical things we have created.

I’m pretty enthused about it.  I’m about 20% of the way thru a first draft and working on it every day.  I figure a couple of years, maybe 10 months, it should be finished and ready for publication.  Harcourt Brace, Harper Collins, Farrar & Straus, Doubleday, Penguin Books, I’ll let them all bid on it and take the highest offer.  That’s only fair.



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