why i’m writing this book

“Material possessions that had to be carried from place to place were a burden for the hunter gatherers.  What was portable and valuable was knowledge often in the form of stories.”
– excerpt from ‘ The Ancient Book of Magic Secrets’

Nowadays, of course, material possessions are what it’s all about and we barely know how to talk to each other much less tell stories.  This recent cultural adaption to the consumer society and to the busy urban lifestyle (55% of the people in the world live in a city now) has had the unfortunate effect of transferring the responsibility for our news and conversation to the commercial media outlets.  We are bombarded with messages telling us what we should think about and what we should think about it.  Compared to those ancient people moving thru the landscape, interacting with their environment, reading the weather, connecting within their small tribe and exploring the world around them – we are totally brainwashed.   They had their own cultural biases and taboos but they were informed by the clouds and the sky not CNN news.  They were informed by the events of the day not by somebody explaining the events of the day and telling us which ones were most important.

I’m watching the fabric of my society being frayed and torn apart from all the intolerant opinions we have adopted.  I really hope human beings can learn how to go outside and look at the sky.  It’s the same sky for everyone.  It covers us and protects us and gives us air to breathe.  I really hope, somehow, human beings can remember that we are members of a tribe, even though it has 7 1/2 billion members, and that’s why I’m writing this book.





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