the five pillars of geekdom

#1 the power of open // anyone can join on their merit

#2 the power of community // geekdom is about building technologists and entrepreneurs with the power of collaboration

#3 the power of heart-set // geekdom promotes the entrepreneurial heart-set as much as the mind-set: permission to fail and the role of risk as an opportunity

#4 the power of mentors // we ask our members to give back 1 hour of time per month to ensure collaboration and help guide other members to success

#5 the power of mission // you belong at geekdom if you share our belief that entrepreneurship is a vehicle of community progress and human progress, not just financial progress. We are a force for good

i’m going in
this will help me develop
my website marketing and distribution skills
and i’ll have the chance to interact
with alot of other innovative
and creative people / that can’t be bad
i’m going to join up / they have 3 floors in the rand building downtown with quite a few members / you can have your own workspace and full membership privileges for $50/month 
hey that’s something

5 thoughts on “the five pillars of geekdom”

  1. because i’m not that funny i got out of the bizdom….i have anger issues from trauma …  go ahead with your plans to take over the world one bookstore at a time..i think it is noble pursuit…i live near barns.


    1. hi david
      not a member anymore
      didn’t turn out to be so useful to me
      but i still like the idea
      collaboration and teamwork
      nothing wrong with that


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