progress continues apace

on my new book
the story is finding its way
the style and tone are coming into focus

from chapter 3 ‘symbiosis’
talking about the creation and expansion of the universe
was it a big bang?

“Maybe the universe came into being with a shriek of joy and has been reverberating with that energy ever since; from matter to atoms to stars to planets to life, millions of species of life, life in profusion living together in a bio-habitat on a small planet orbiting a medium sized star in a large galaxy.  What profusion.  There may be profusions of life elsewhere in the universe too given that there are about 100 billion known galaxies each filled with about 100 billion stars.  Many cosmologists put the odds at better than even.  Maybe we are like the pre-Columbian Europeans who did not know about the existence of another world on their own planet.  Nor did the people in the ‘other world’ know about them.  Let’s hope our introduction to the ‘others’, the extraterrestrials (if it ever happens), goes better than that encounter. 

In any case this seems to be the driving principle of the universe.  Make it better, try something new, keep the best ideas, let go of the mistakes, move forward.  That blueprint is replicated in every living cell of every living creature on this planet.  That could qualify as a joyful shriek I think.”


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