i listen to the wind

Well many of you may have been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted anything in such a long time.  Or maybe it hasn’t entered your mind, but in any case here’s a post.  It’s about this awesome book I’m working on that will probably save the world and make me rich and famous.  I can do without the famous part, I just want people to listen to my poetry.  Ha ha that’s from a joke.  The book is called ‘the Ancient Book of Magic Secrets’ and this is from the chapter called ‘the nature pool’.  How cool is that?


Aha, a little green frog in the undergrowth near the pool.  It hopped away as soon as I spotted it and hid, but what a happy sign.  It was born in the pool and survived as a tadpole, then grew some legs and crawled out onto the land to begin its adult phase.  Amphibians, man, they are something else, first they start out with gills, then they develop lungs, they can even breathe thru their skin.  It’s for this reason and others that they are considered an indicator species and can tell us when an ecosystem is under stress.  In many parts of the world, unfortunately, there has been a noticeable decline, precipitous really, in amphibian populations.  It’s very sad.  That’s why I’m so happy to see the little bugger, it means we have a healthy habitat around here.

Of course Kybo the cat is part of the habitat.  If she sees it she’ll probably catch it, play with it and eat it as she has done with other frogs.   I’ve talked to her about it.  No sign of progress.  But the frogs that have survived, this new generation, they may have an adaptive gene or a learned behavior or some other way of surviving in an environment with cats.  There’s always something or somebody to challenge us and get our attention.  Have you noticed that?  It’s not really any different just because we’re humans.  Although I’m no longer in danger of being eaten by a cat, I feel deeply challenged every day.  Kybo, is lightening fast and alert.  She scouts the backyard daily and sometimes (like right now) posts sentinel on the porch railing.  She takes doves out of the air.  I have never seen it but I imagine she can jump 6 feet high.  She’s a high level predator and she knows it.  We’ll see if the frog does as well.

Now the raccoon comes out looking for dinner.  Sheesh, I thought it was one of the cats.  Seems nervous though and quickly disappears back behind the couch/bed that sits on the back porch.  It prefers to dine alone.  I so totally understand.  These days human interaction seems to be the exception rather than the norm, friends fall away and my recluse phase takes over.  It’s powerful, but who is ever really alone?  We have our thoughts, our intimations of God, our aspirations.  Do we not?  All these little critters that share this bio-habitat with me have their own thoughts and intimations of God I suspect, not so different from me.  In their own ways they find their way.  Is a little juvenile frog, one inch long, foraging in the weeds and mulch ‘alone’?  I suspect not, he has his interpretations of the world, his current phase to pay attention to, Kybo the bloody cat, where to sleep tonight.  Are there any others like me around, he might wonder?  And probably he would know somehow and probably there are.  It may have been the same frogette a couple of weeks ago that I saw hopping across the brick patio, taking refuge in the grass growing out from between the bricks, or it may have been another individual.  

I think everything is good.  I think life and death and entropy are all ok and part of the habitat.  I think night has arrived.  It’s dark out there.  From the shelter of the light cast by the porch lamp on the patio, I listen to the wind and watch as it moves the trees around against the backdrop of the still milky sky.          

1 thought on “i listen to the wind”

  1. Thanks Rohn….carry on…i’m still for adding a bit of shock to the water and plant matter that fills the deep end..it is a large pool…33,000 + gallons…it could go feral easily…needs an attentive plan of attack…


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