Add title, fill in the blank pages

would be one way to look at it. Or ‘onward thru the fog’ which I used to see on bumper stickers all the time in Austin when i lived there years ago.  That’s pretty much what I feel like trying to write this book.  Onward thru the fog!  I don’t command the skills necessary to write this thing so i must learn those in the process of writing the thing.  Which is kind of an onward thru the fog kind of experience.  I guess you follow a dim light or the intimation of light coming from over there behind those trees.   It may be the glowing campfire of a wizard or it may be the candlelight from a witches hut or it may be dawn.  We hope.  

Chet Baker and Duke Jordan on youtube helps.  Some soothing tunes, baby.  And get up and take a few more steps.  Maybe it’s the lantern of some searchers looking for you.

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