book report

my current book report is for ‘the book of genesis’ author unknown
probly someone lost in the desert with nothing else to do so they collected all
the stories they had ever heard from all the people they had ever heard them from and who themselves had heard them from other people who had heard them from other people and on and on it went all along the fertile crescent

first off god created everything out of nothing
it was a miracle
how that’s any different from the big bang popular with scientists i don’t know
then he set up his people
yes i shall have a special covenant with you and you shall cut off
the foreskins of all your male babies that are born unto you as a
sign of my covenant

excuse me for the exegesis but that’s fucked up

anyways it goes on how sojourner abraham founded his own kingdom
there at the edge of the fertile crescent and prospered and started up
his own propaganda war machine / yeah god told us to kill em all and
take over their valley

abraham was a pioneer and a sojourner / for some reason he wanted to get as far away from the fertile crescent as possible even though that was his home culture
maybe he had a bad experience there or his father did / his father was born in ur near the city of uruk on the southern tip of the crescent and abraham was born in nahar at the northern tip / from there he journeyed southward to caanan along the western edge of the crescent and into the land of the moabs and the ammonites and the philistines

the fact that he was a product of the fertile crescent is fascinating to me / the story of old king gilgamesh takes place there / it was there that we first learned to write down our stories and create literature

among the folktales passed around by the descendants of abraham was the story of noah and the great flood / noah gathered two of each species and loaded them into the ark and shut the gate / then the whole world flooded and all perished except for what the lord had saved in the ark / but how did he keep the lions and the tigers happy for 40 days and 40 nights ?? any meat he had brought aboard would have spoiled by then / meanwhile there were plenty of luscious lambs and goats and other ungulates just standing around in close quarters

i dunno

i’m reading this book to give some background and depth to my gilgamesh story which is one chapter of the book i’m writing / the good book / the project i have staked my life on / the book that could change everything and bring peace and tranquilty, finally, to all mankind
if it works everything will fit together seamlessly – all 8 chapters and all 8 episodes of the narrative / it needs narrative structure but it’s primarily a diatribe / it’s about being human – hey write about what you know right ??

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