I’m writing a book. It’s called ‘The Ancient Book of Magic Secrets’. It’s a story of our history and it’s a history of our stories, it’s a powerful manifesto and a searing indictment of our times. It’s a carefully crafted tale laid side by side with a collection of non-fiction essays hoping for some kind of symbiosis, it’s revelatory, it’s hybrid, it’s interconnected, it’s irreverent and it’s funny. And writing it has been an adventure.

I’m launching a Patreon page to promote the book project. On this page you can learn more about the project and sign on to be a ‘follower’ LOL or a patron. Writing this book, like I said, has been some kind of an adventure and my idea is to share it with friends by creating a forum and a community and a platform for conversation and mutual discovery minus all the mind pollution on facebook / hopefully it can be all these things

The purpose of my book is to save the world. I’ve always wanted to do that but could never figure out how until now. Well actually it’s still in prototype, still figuring it out but I’ve got some of it up. Support and maintenance systems, right? It will change and evolve as it finds its rhythm so please be patient and stay tuned.

The project. So I’ve been working on it for awhile and there is a fair amount of ways to go. Three of the 18 chapters or sections are in final draft, the others are in varying stages of development. I’m working on it. My daily activities facilitate the writing time. Lattes are not cheap but the cafe experience helps.

This project involves massive amounts of research, innumerable hours of computer writing, blissful hours of bike riding (that’s where it all comes together), endless scribblings into notebooks and dictations into voice recorder. For me that is the adventure of it, can I put it all together, can I pull this off before I die or the world blows up, whichever comes first? I think everyone should have an urgent project. Here’s mine.

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