college football / zine festival

today as i write this blog post young men are risking their bodies on the field of play for the purpose of entertaining us and maybe getting a big NFL contract one day also glory and adulation if you can make a touchdown in front of 112 thousand people

i think of it as the carrying on of an ancient tradition – the ritual of the hunt / chasing that deer and getting it down / throwing a dart and hitting the target right in the heart / trailing it and tracking it and making a final kill – a touchdown / and the praise and adulation back at the camp when you bring it in / cheerleaders at the entrance kicking up their heels / a place at the fire to tell your story and make it a good one too a little bit of exaggeration a little bit of humor a little bit of bragging

we require sports because we no longer have adventures / we require tv sit-coms because we no longer tell each other stories / we require ‘the media’ to tell us all about it because we no longer have conversations amongst ourselves

that’s why it was so cool to visit the zine festival today at main library / amazing productions – story telling and graphics / funny stuff / personal expression / interesting people sitting at their booths with all their zines displayed / i got five zines / my favorite is ‘john dear’ by monica garcia about a deer ?? a boy ?? i’m not quite sure who is having an identity crisis / he goes to the still pond on the advice of the headless person and looks into the water to see his reflection / what he sees freaks him out so totally that he falls into the pool and goes thru an underwater portal and talks to a personless head / it’s super excellent and i got to meet the creator i mean not THE creator but monica who drew it and wrote the story

zines are a thing / they’re easy and simple and you have a thing / well maybe they’re not easy and maybe they’re not simple but you do have a thing / and that’s cool

2 thoughts on “college football / zine festival”

  1. Maybe the players are being triumphal hunters in their heads. I think they’re more like gladiator proxies for the collective competitive urge. Maybe wars will eventually dwindle to mass international sport events.


  2. Rohn Bayes…don’t upset me…I yell…as for competitive sports…meh…maybe it is because I have a seriously flawed self image…I do find myself watching a few innings of Baseball…so maybe Baseball is OK…maybe…I’m not personally invested in sports…but many people are…I have lived most of my life avoiding competition…Is that wrong?
    Why do I have to compete in social situations? It frustrates me because my brain activity is so chaotic I can’t hold a thought for very long. I’m good with that…I am down to a few 1000 days on Earth…I’m not about to ‘become’ anything…I am taking these last few days to make arrangements for my mental state as a member of a totally foolish society…so…as long as I can sit still & practice…as long as I can sleep in a bed…as long as I can handle basic personal maintenance…as long as I can mind my own bidness…and people around me can mind theirs..I don’t have to yell…and for me not yelling is a is a sign of improvement and a sign that there is a God.
    OK Rohn Bayes..I hope this helps…I’m in constant therapy in my mind I’m nuts..I have a bad back…No wife no kids no money…Life is not only passing me is thumbing its nose while being surrounded by adoring cheerleaders…so fuck its’ stupid face.
    I’m dying over here..I have to deal with the reality of that…so I write it down..randomness causes the good stuff & the bad stuff to all end up on the same page..sometimes in the same sentence…
    You deserve to read only the best stuff and I deserve to write only the best stuff..
    Keep up the good work Mr Bayes. thanks


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