little turtle and friends

i’ve been publishing hand made books lately – 2 poetry zines (available at Rosella’s Cafe in San Antonio) and now a children’s book called ‘Little Turtle’

i actually wrote it in 1997 after returning from living on Xcacel beach in Mexico – ‘the place of the turtles’ / two days ago i discovered it inside a box sitting on the back shelf in my storage room / it was like going thru an old manuscript dug out of an archaeological site / strangely familiar but foreign / it’s replete with amazing illustrations which is what caused me to want to publish it

little turtle is curious and wants to know how big the ocean is (what turtle or child doesn’t wonder the same thing ??) so he embarks on his journey and has his adventures (isn’t that what we all do ??) and that pretty much comprises the plot / simple / plus the illustrations are black on white so the child can color them if he or she likes / plus the book is easy to make and instructions are included at the end on of how you can make your own book / all you need is a copier and a printer and a pen and paper / plus it’s going to be a hardcover !! finally a use for all that cardboard from all those amazon boxes : )

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