waiting for the storm

ha !! my book project thing / so interesting to have a project that is beyond your reach and beyond your ability and halfway impossible / sometimes i get down but other times i go – hey this is my project what the fuck do i want to do with my life anyways ?? watch tv sports ??

the longest section i have completed well not completed but written so far of all the 18 sections is ‘The Nature Pool’ / it’s about my backyard, the neighborhood, my city / me sitting thoreau style somewhere observing the world / cat like / in the zone / i’ve written 84 pages / way more than any other section / this is what i wrote last night waiting for the storm

“Something is calling very softly, a chirping or squeaking, from over there by the trees in the groovy nook.  I don’t know what it is.  A bird or a squirrel or some kind of creature making preparations for the storm.  The trees bow their heads.  Dusk is falling. From the east comes a flash of lightening.  It may be that all creatures love the rain like I do, even the trees and the clouds and the earth itself.
On radar it appears as a ragged red edge trimmed with yellow and green and spreading across the map, the cold air pushing it steadily to the southeast. It blooms even more green and yellow flowers as it hits the gulf moisture and carries them along with it too.  The pressure is rising, according to the weather channel,  I feel elated.  
A spaceship sails thru my sky, a large airplane actually.  It rises as it travels.
The ancient people had technology, their technology was talking to the plants and the animals and listening to them and learning from them.  And the weather too. Everything was alive and had a name.
Ah! here it comes back – a chitter and a chirp.  Hey, that’s the frog.  He’s yelling too.  No doubt in love with the rain being amphibious and all.” 

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