the nature pool and the nature spirits


I sometimes hear strange sounds in the alley behind the nature pool.  Once it was a a dog howling like a siren, so much so that I went looking for it to see what sort of animal could make that sound.  Just now a whortling, ringing sound as if some spirit or other was whistling down the alleyway.  Nature sprit of course, like they used to have here in this place.  The city of San Antonio was an enchanted site back in the day, way back in the day.  It’s mostly ruined now but for 20,000 years before we messed it up, it was a sacred place for the people who came to the spring.  And before the people it was a magical place for the creatures hiding in the groovy nooks and the secret places that lined the riverbank.  And before the creatures arrived it was the nature spirits who roamed here, those old ones, our ancestors, our grandmother and grandfather.  The nature spirits are still here, somewhat.  They inhabit the river and the park and whatever remains of the groovy nooks.  How could they leave?

Maybe it’s a chichada.  But they’re long gone and hibernated. Except for this guy I guess. There it goes again chortling down the alleyway. Maybe I hear things. I mean apparantly I do but maybe I hear things that other people don’t or don’t hear in the same way. That might mean I’m crazy or it might mean there are nature spirits in the alley way. And what’s the difference anyway? That’s the point. We’re going to watch ‘Undone’ again tomorrow night. We’ve got a study group. It’s all about what is reality and stuff like that. The daughter becomes a Shaman. I think. Or maybe she’s crazy. Gotta watch it again. Amazon Prime. A Kate Purdy production. Hmm.

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