The Nature Pool

Part IV Summer

“The willow tree overlooks the pond where the water enters from the bog.  It leans out over the water and out of the way of the big pecan growing behind it.  The hackberries come in from the other side and the possum haw along the fence line.  It is a great green cathedral here with the trees fully leafed out: dense green, lighter green, grayish-green, sun speckled green, iridescent green.  They all rise up into the sky, a congregation of leaves, and form a copse, the branches connected to the trunk and the trunk firmly established in the earth.  It’s a system and a symbol (the ancient people believed that the tree of life stood at the center of the world and connected heaven above with the underworld below and that in between, in the shade of the tree – humans lived), it’s a grotto, like Lourdes with the healing spring flowing inside, it’s an altar to the nature goddess, whatever her name might be: Ishtar or Venus or Gaia or Ninsar, Pachamama or Aphrodite or Asase Ya the earth goddess of the Ashanti people who lived in the big tree rain forest of central Africa.  This temple has features that are not lost on me and I worship here daily.”

So goes a recently written passage in the final chapter, the Nature Pool. The book is almost finished, a first draft atleast. I still have 124 pages of field notes to sort through for this chapter and then put it all together, all 18 chapters, see if it flows, see if it rocks and rolls, see if it sparkles and shines see if it works as a book or is still a bunch of random, spontaneous, disparate parts?

‘The Ancient Book of Magic Secrets – Dissertations and Stories about the Meaning of Being Human’ that’s the working title. It’s a hybrid, it has non-fiction essays about stuff like the city and money and how humans learned to talk and it has the story of Han and Hannah, two fragile Adam and Eve type characters living in the modern world.

We never did hear any more about Adam and Eve, how the marriage worked out after they got turned out of the Garden of Eden. You would think there might be some guilt issues and some blame issues and some there is no right and wrong, only consequences type of conversations. I mean did they adapt well to living outside of the garden? What did they do for food and shelter, being practically innocent or atleast ignorant of any survival skills, having lived in the Garden of Eden all their lives up to that point, where everything was pretty much provided and suddenly they’ve got to figure things out for themselves, there had to be some marital stress associated with that but nothing is mentioned. Cain and Abel take over the stage and begin the great march of humanity atleast in the Hebrew version of things.

Anyways, Han and Hannah, with all their imperfections, show up to regale us while we make our way thru the delightful litany of essays: The Little People, Symbiosis, Communicating with the Gods. If it all works it will be a total symbiotic experience! I’m so excited. One of these days it will be finished and released in some form or other and then my quest will be complete. Yes! I did it! Haha haha, I knew I could do it.

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