Add title, fill in the blank pages

would be one way to look at it. Or ‘onward thru the fog’ which I used to see on bumper stickers all the time in Austin when i lived there years ago.  That’s pretty much what I feel like trying to write this book.  Onward thru the fog!  I don’t command the skills necessary to write this thing so i must learn those in the process of writing the thing.  Which is kind of an onward thru the fog kind of experience.  I guess you follow a dim light or the intimation of light coming from over there behind those trees.   It may be the glowing campfire of a wizard or it may be the candlelight from a witches hut or it may be dawn.  We hope.  

Chet Baker and Duke Jordan on youtube helps.  Some soothing tunes, baby.  And get up and take a few more steps.  Maybe it’s the lantern of some searchers looking for you.

i listen to the wind

Well many of you may have been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted anything in such a long time.  Or maybe it hasn’t entered your mind, but in any case here’s a post.  It’s about this awesome book I’m working on that will probably save the world and make me rich and famous.  I can do without the famous part, I just want people to listen to my poetry.  Ha ha that’s from a joke.  The book is called ‘the Ancient Book of Magic Secrets’ and this is from the chapter called ‘the nature pool’.  How cool is that?


Aha, a little green frog in the undergrowth near the pool.  It hopped away as soon as I spotted it and hid, but what a happy sign.  It was born in the pool and survived as a tadpole, then grew some legs and crawled out onto the land to begin its adult phase.  Amphibians, man, they are something else, first they start out with gills, then they develop lungs, they can even breathe thru their skin.  It’s for this reason and others that they are considered an indicator species and can tell us when an ecosystem is under stress.  In many parts of the world, unfortunately, there has been a noticeable decline, precipitous really, in amphibian populations.  It’s very sad.  That’s why I’m so happy to see the little bugger, it means we have a healthy habitat around here.

Of course Kybo the cat is part of the habitat.  If she sees it she’ll probably catch it, play with it and eat it as she has done with other frogs.   I’ve talked to her about it.  No sign of progress.  But the frogs that have survived, this new generation, they may have an adaptive gene or a learned behavior or some other way of surviving in an environment with cats.  There’s always something or somebody to challenge us and get our attention.  Have you noticed that?  It’s not really any different just because we’re humans.  Although I’m no longer in danger of being eaten by a cat, I feel deeply challenged every day.  Kybo, is lightening fast and alert.  She scouts the backyard daily and sometimes (like right now) posts sentinel on the porch railing.  She takes doves out of the air.  I have never seen it but I imagine she can jump 6 feet high.  She’s a high level predator and she knows it.  We’ll see if the frog does as well.

Now the raccoon comes out looking for dinner.  Sheesh, I thought it was one of the cats.  Seems nervous though and quickly disappears back behind the couch/bed that sits on the back porch.  It prefers to dine alone.  I so totally understand.  These days human interaction seems to be the exception rather than the norm, friends fall away and my recluse phase takes over.  It’s powerful, but who is ever really alone?  We have our thoughts, our intimations of God, our aspirations.  Do we not?  All these little critters that share this bio-habitat with me have their own thoughts and intimations of God I suspect, not so different from me.  In their own ways they find their way.  Is a little juvenile frog, one inch long, foraging in the weeds and mulch ‘alone’?  I suspect not, he has his interpretations of the world, his current phase to pay attention to, Kybo the bloody cat, where to sleep tonight.  Are there any others like me around, he might wonder?  And probably he would know somehow and probably there are.  It may have been the same frogette a couple of weeks ago that I saw hopping across the brick patio, taking refuge in the grass growing out from between the bricks, or it may have been another individual.  

I think everything is good.  I think life and death and entropy are all ok and part of the habitat.  I think night has arrived.  It’s dark out there.  From the shelter of the light cast by the porch lamp on the patio, I listen to the wind and watch as it moves the trees around against the backdrop of the still milky sky.          

this is what happens

when you write poetry while reading
quantum physics and natural history
while writing a book about everything

so ok let me get this straight

there was a big bang and
everything blew up and
the universe was created and
stars and galaxies and stuff

and we know this because the universe
is getting bigger so it used to be smaller
about the size of a football actually
when it blew up back in the day
but technically it didn’t blow up
because there was no space for it
to blow up into and no time for it
to happen either / they hadn’t been invented yet
is your mind blown yet ??
there weren’t even the 4 forces
of nature yet no super heroes no video games
it was all chaos and entropy
and stuff that we don’t even know about

and yet something happened and now i’m here
standing on this planet in this room
along with you in a human body as
a member of a tribe of a species a habitat a
social ranking a designation a name a house
with an address a title a label / of all the possibilities of
the subatomic quantum particle physics stuff
theories of everything and invisible infinite universes
and stuff / this is what happened cool
here we are

and i’m rapping it out this piece well maybe not
rapping really but trying to do my best
to say it right get it tight with all my might
see the light fly so high through the sky that is already
here among us / the sky touches us all the way
down to the ground it sounds like nothing but it
looks like everything / hey our brains were
formatted designed by 3 1/2 billion years of
evolution on this planet all those
creatures and organisms that came before
wired our brain made us who we are
took into consideration
the sacred libation the tree of life and
the baptism and the transformation adaption
so who can say how it should be or
even how it is ??

don’t give up grasshopper
remember what you learned
when you were high what you dreamed
when you were a little child
and you wore your superhero cape to the store
with your mom unashamedly holding her hand
and believing in your dream with such ferocity
not even knowing the difference between
that reality and any others say that
of your mom for example or the adults
around you the people who were supposed
to know the teachers and the leaders and the
elders and the old ones white as snow and wrinkled

calibrate this / the chances of elves
and gnomes being real / but then
why are they in our stories huh ??
our stories are as real as as we are
if we believe in them right ?? the movies ??
faith based reality ?? it’s trending these days

but it’s always been that way
the only thing i know for sure is that
here i am which is the subject of this
dissertation this diatribe this tirade this echolocation
this deep and inviting incantation into the bright
insight of the night resembling a realization

i am here and you are too and somehow
that is good and god i am glad and it could have happened
this way or that way or it could have happened
a million trillion zillion other ways
is all i’m saying

the end


progress continues apace

on my new book
the story is finding its way
the style and tone are coming into focus

from chapter 3 ‘symbiosis’
talking about the creation and expansion of the universe
was it a big bang?

“Maybe the universe came into being with a shriek of joy and has been reverberating with that energy ever since; from matter to atoms to stars to planets to life, millions of species of life, life in profusion living together in a bio-habitat on a small planet orbiting a medium sized star in a large galaxy.  What profusion.  There may be profusions of life elsewhere in the universe too given that there are about 100 billion known galaxies each filled with about 100 billion stars.  Many cosmologists put the odds at better than even.  Maybe we are like the pre-Columbian Europeans who did not know about the existence of another world on their own planet.  Nor did the people in the ‘other world’ know about them.  Let’s hope our introduction to the ‘others’, the extraterrestrials (if it ever happens), goes better than that encounter. 

In any case this seems to be the driving principle of the universe.  Make it better, try something new, keep the best ideas, let go of the mistakes, move forward.  That blueprint is replicated in every living cell of every living creature on this planet.  That could qualify as a joyful shriek I think.”


the five pillars of geekdom

#1 the power of open // anyone can join on their merit

#2 the power of community // geekdom is about building technologists and entrepreneurs with the power of collaboration

#3 the power of heart-set // geekdom promotes the entrepreneurial heart-set as much as the mind-set: permission to fail and the role of risk as an opportunity

#4 the power of mentors // we ask our members to give back 1 hour of time per month to ensure collaboration and help guide other members to success

#5 the power of mission // you belong at geekdom if you share our belief that entrepreneurship is a vehicle of community progress and human progress, not just financial progress. We are a force for good

i’m going in
this will help me develop
my website marketing and distribution skills
and i’ll have the chance to interact
with alot of other innovative
and creative people / that can’t be bad
i’m going to join up / they have 3 floors in the rand building downtown with quite a few members / you can have your own workspace and full membership privileges for $50/month 
hey that’s something